To be able to walk around, enjoy life and capture it is a gift.
The chance to share what you see with others is a gift. The creativity both in the composition and processing of photos. Is a talent many have, few have mastered and all enjoy. What inspires my work? A life that has been full of pain, agony, anxiety and constant disruption from peace. What do I gain from my work?
Peace, excitement, a sense of pride. Is my work better than the rest? As we all would like to think we are special. My work, first and foremost makes me happy. It allows me to overcome the hard times, a reason to seek out the good times. If others enjoy my work, it is but a gift that is unexpected. Hope you enjoy what you see, and remember to check out the rest of the site, as I have lots of my creativity spread out. You can obtain some of my works for your own collection. If you really enjoy my work and understand what it means to me. You can also help support my vision.


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