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Click on the image to download your own copy. Only $1.75 Prefect for e-mails and sharing.

Click on the image to download your own copy. Only $1.75 Prefect for e-mails and sharing.

If your looking for creative photography, #woctxphotog has you covered.

In life we experience many things that evoke passion. Most of those experiences generate momentary passion. Fading as time and life moves forward. While a few and often one stands out. The experience is so profound that the passion that develops becomes an obsession.
Photography and creative editing allows me a peace, and a goal that fulfills my emptiness. It allows me to push through the hard times, and enjoy the good. What I love about art is not only the act of creating, but the way your emotions truly come out in the work you do.
For as long as I can remember I have loved photography. After a few years of regaining my composer. I have had the chance to put my self behind the lens. As you can see in my work, I have a unique perspective. From composing the shot to processing the raw image to the finished photograph. My passion can be seen.

Currently I am exploring opportunities for both short term projects, and complete long term relocation. As I am living in the Dallas Texas area, I am very open to picking up and going anywhere. My passion and talents can be used as well as appreciated. If your excited by what you read, and want to know more send me an e-mail

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