Allow me to make this CLEAR, I am a Photographic Artist that produces great works of art from the photos I take. At times, I also do normal photography what ever that is. To be certain without confusion I always will #besomebody.

Wild Obtrusive Content That’s Xenodochial.

Welcome to Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx© Collected here is my creative works. A display of my passion as well as how I view the world. Photography for many simply is capturing a moment. For me it is an opportunity to create a moment.

The weather is perfect for shooting today. Yet I find myself stuck with no extraordinary vision. As I walk around looking for inspiration I am reminded that February holds a day of love in it. So fitting are these two pigeons, that live their lives together. Sharing their love with all they come across. Hope you can see even when the lens has nothing to focus on, life provides a moment worth capturing. Keep Shooting.

Photo by #woctxphotog Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx Camera used provided by #GetOlympus E-PL1 and old girl she is has had 62516 clicks on her. Hope she holds on a bit longer.




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