BookCover1Passion defined by Webster is: “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”

In life we experience many things that evoke passion. Most of those experiences generate momentary passion. Fading as time and life moves forward. While a few and often one stands out. The experience is so profound that the passion that develops becomes an obsession.

Growing up I had a few passions, my first love was bike riding. Often on my own out into the world. A young explorer advancing on a world unseen. This passion was born from the need to get out. Growing up I never had many friends, and a rocky home life. Bike riding gave me an opportunity to see the world around me. While allowing me to shed my loneliness and fears. As time went on that passion created a need to add a passion. I found my self exploring places and people, that I wanted to remember. To share as well as create miniature stories.

Photography, it was the passion I was seeking out. The chance to have a camera that I could take with me. Capturing the world around me. Having a record of peace, stories to fall back on. Reality that I could use when life was entrapping me in emotional pain. It started with my dads old Pentax a nice slr, he had a 35mm and an 80mm lens. Sometimes he would let me take it but most the time he held it under lock and key. Promising to teach me someday how to really use it. That day never came. One birthday, I think I was 9 or 10 I got my own. Just a cheap point and shoot needing two double A’s and 35mm film. Film for me was very hard to obtain. I quickly found a camera shop in town, aging an image of yester year. The owner quickly saw need and growing passion. Offering me film and development in exchange for service. Service, that rapidly advanced my passions growth. The old man, I never even knew his name. Told me if I tested out new cameras and films for him and gave him my reviews, he would supply me with film and development.
By the time I was 15 I had some of the best point and shoots out. My eyes set on a big camera, I only got to play with those around the store. Later in life I understand why. Slowly life was taking me down different paths. The old man slowly stopped opening shop, and I was venturing out farther and farther. Eventually working and spending my time making money. Instead of growing my skills and passion.

As we skip ahead many years, life landed me the opportunity to re-focus. Putting the camera back in my hands. Slowly re-gaining the skills I once learned, perfecting and learning new ones. My passion ignited, and started a fire inside of me.

What inspires my passion is the freedom to create, interact and escape into a world I other wise would not be a part of. Currently my passion is evolving, I want to take my photography to the next level. I want to build a life where my photography supports me, while giving me freedom to live.

Join me and allow my passion to inspire you….

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