#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx

Hey you found us, awesome.  Hope you enjoy our work, vision and creative efforts.  Check this page for updates, news and upcoming as well as current projects.


Perfect Set, the camera, the body all others inspire to be the OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Then for the perfect collection of lens we would start with the M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8 a great lens for creating the perfect portraits we all love. Next would be M.Zuiko ED 12-40mm f2.8 Pro the perfect lens for day trips and creative street photography. Following that would be the M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 for all the fun and creative ideas that we love to create to capture. Then to finish up the line up, no set is complete with out the ability to get a little closer and the M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lends it’s self to reaching out to bring your imagination in to focus. Read More:


Get Hooked, is the theme of our project.  What does get hooked mean?  Well in today’s world we connect with each other in so many ways.  Most of which involve our social media apps. 

#woctxphotog, has a plan of getting hooked with people and community.  In the most creative way possible.  By getting out and capturing people doing, what they do in their daily lives.  Along with capturing all the sights along the way. Read More:


Investing in #woctxphotog is investing in not only art or the artist. But the vision the artist has for the big picture. Our vision is grand, it not only brings opportunity to our own personal growth. It also provides an outlet and means for other creative individuals to develop their own vision. Read More:


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