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Realizing that life has obstacles is often hard. For if you see the obstacles, you have to determine a course of action to either over come them or miss them.
Facing your obstacles head on with no plan can teach you a great deal. However often the cost is far greater than one is able to afford.
Creating a plan of action for every obstacle is an obstacle in its self. As planing for rain in the dessert when it has not rained in 100 years is a waste of time.
The best intentions of any one person, can be grossly miss calculated.
To determine the best way to over come most of the obstacles in your path. Have a defined path to take. That way you can lay out situations that could alter the way you continue on your path.
Fore when you say you want to go to the store, you already know which roads to take. What the traffic on any given day is. What time school zones are enforced and so on. Affording you the outcome of a successful trip to the store. What happens when there is road work, and accident or the weather has flooded the road? For some people they simply lose there minds. Others say o well turn around go home and try another day. But those prepared, have a alternate route to the store. And in some situations an alternate store. The end result is the same, but the path may have changed.
Currently that is where I am in life. I had a plan for my life. To retire at 35, and live my dream. Travel the world and photograph interesting people doing interesting things. For the longest time I was on a great path to get where I wanted to be. From the time I was 13, I was working hard. Supporting my self first, learning all I could second and enjoying myself third.
If you start back in the early years of my life, you would see just how troubled the road ahead for me would be. From near death at birth, to 2 head injuries as a toddler. A over bearing mother with issues, a father that never believed I could be anything. Not allowed to have friends early in life. Missing the early important stages of personal development. To missing several years of formal schooling. By my late teens facing death and head injuries again. My life was an up hill battle down a road of the roughest terrain.
By my mid twenties my life caught up to me. I was living recklessly and was clueless to it. After building a decent life for myself with my own family and my plan with in reach. I had several meltdowns. Sure there was outside triggers, but that is not neither here nor there. The fact was I lost. I lost my grip on life and lost sight of my plan. Obstacles in life inserted themselves every step of the way. Before I knew what hit me, I had a battered body. Destroyed self worth, and pretty much homeless. Lost my own family, my ability to work and at the time care for my self in any way. Advised by my doctors and lawyer at them time I was to begin the disability process. That was a blow to a man that had learned to do for himself, and set me into a deeper spiral downward.
The only thing my obstacle allowed for was to gain the time to understand life is not black and white..
Over the past 5-6 years I have found my passion in life. I have self taught, researched, practiced and worked hard to develop my own style. As well I have slowly learned how to refocus my energy to more productive and healthy outcomes. Yet I still have a major obstacle. Being Bi-Polar and have PTSD, sever anxiety and ADD/ADHD along with bouts of dis-association disorder. My functionality of living a normal life is but a dream. I struggle daily to wake up, shower and do something positive daily. Living on disability is a major challenge. First you do not have nearly enough money to live any type of life of quality. It is the barest of basics. Second and to me more importantly, you do not have the income and ability to achieve any personal goals of bettering your self. Remember not growing up with friends. I do not have the skills most take for granted to communicate with people to develop friendships and or partnerships. So getting my story, and my life ambitions along with my vision out to the masses just fails to happen.
Currently my vision needs support to become reality. I simply do not have the resources I need to make it a real live opportunity. Supporting my vision will enable me to work for myself, and build a life that allows me to generate income, work around my disabilities. As well as eventually hire others, providing opportunities for others just like me. Will you help me over come my current obstacle by sharing and supporting my vision?
Your support today will allow me to obtain the equipment and cover costs to operate a small photography business. Allowing me to build a new life. New opportunities and to face new obstacles with the ability to over come them.
For every one that supports #woctxphotog with $1000.00 via this post. I will send you a 16*9 metal print of "Laid Out" as seen above. Your support is going towards our expansion and daily operations.
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