Papa’s Truck



The project is a 1972 Ford F350,
To bring it to life, fulfilling a life goal as well as to provide many opportunities to come.


It started way back when I was a freshman in high school. My parents just got divorced, and I ended up living with my Nana & Papa for a semester. Grateful because many years went by with out seeing them. I got to know and love them very deeply in a short period of time. My papa, became very close to me. A man of few words, but big on positive love. Encouraging me to not only do my very best everyday. But to live my life how I wanted to live. That it was ok to stand out from the crowd and go against the norms. If that is what I wanted to do. Knowing I was creative and liked old trucks. We made plans to find an old ford and get it back together by the time I could start driving. We would spend hours looking through news papers and car and truck sales. Even went to see a few. We would discuss every detail. I had the idea that if I could find the right truck, and as long as the body was sound. I wanted to clear coat it, leaving all the visual rust and bumps as well as bruises. My papa, laughed but said he loved my idea. That we would do just that. Making an old truck run and safe as new while maintaining the timeless experiences that truck had gone through. Sadly, Papa passed a way before we ever found a truck. I am now 36 and have stumbled upon that very truck that fits what me and papa had always talked about. I have gone out on a leap of faith and obtained that truck. A 1972 F350, a beautiful beast of a truck. Issues it has a few, and running it is not yet. My plans are to keep it as close to original as possible and finish it just the way papa and I planed.


I am writing to you in hopes to gain your support to bring this project to life. Currently I am 36 years old, living on SSDI/Disability. Looking for more in life, and for a way to use my talents and passion to build a life for my self. However I am with out transportation, funding to obtain the tools I need to create a life around my passion. Which is photography, when behind the lens I find the release I need to be part of a normal society. I feel I have the talent to create some amazing pieces of photographic art. Limited however at this time. Putting this truck together will enable me to get out there and pursue my dreams as well as finish something that was started long ago. Currently the truck needs the following in order to be running and road worthy.

1. Starter
2. Fuse Block
3. Battery
4. Seat
5. Steering Wheel
6. All the Lights
7. New tires and wheels all 6, its a dually
8. All the brakes, whole break system
9. Mud Flaps
10. Radio
11. Dash Cover
12. Radiator

As well as the motor, transmission and rear end. Which at this time I am not sure the condition until I can get it started.


Completion of this truck will enable me to get out several times a month seeking out opportunities to create my photographic art. As well as allowing me to hopefully generate income slowly. Building up my portfolio and eventually allowing me to be removed from disability. It is very important to me to be able to get my freedom and provide for my self. As I would love to do this project 100% on my own. I can not I live off of $1000.00 a month. Which currently barley cover rent, bills and food. I am not looking for a hand out. I am seeking those that are interested in investing in a man’s future. Giving him a hand up, to achieve the goals that will enable him to be self reliant and a contributing member of society.


In closing, from the research I have done so far. Too get the truck on the road. I am looking at $15,000.00 Yes this is an old truck, but it will be worth me having. As I am very capable of working on it and keeping it on the road. Doing the work myself I will know the limits, and life I will have from it. All so if possible to raise $50,000.00 would allow me to as well. Obtain several pieces of much needed equipment and allow me to operate for 2 years. Giving myself time to build a collection of works. I sincerely look forward to your assistance in my professional and personal expansion.















Sincerely yours,

Philip A. Swiderski Jr


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“Tires and Tubes”



Thank You



Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx©

United States of America

Phone: +1-469-247-7097

Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx

[email protected]

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  • Its fun and relaxing when you have the time to do it. Aggervating when time is an issue, and can be aggervating when you have to take time because of funding to work on them. Currently I am iin the process of getting a 1972 F350 up and running. Once I have it running and safe to drive. I want to completly put it as close to orginal as possible. I even have plans of clear coating it as is. I love the rust and dings in it. They tell a story of where it has been in life. It is a bit of a gas hog, so one of the first things after it’s ruinning is going to be. Finding ways to to afford to drive it daily. As it is the first vehical I have owned in sevral years. Currently it has a flatbed on it which I am leaving on. Been thinking of a way to build a custom camper for it. Id love to hit the road and with it and my camera. Just travling at it’s max speed of 65, with the windows down and capturing the world. As for today I did as much as I can until next month. Unless some of my works sells sooner then I can buy some parts.

  • Update: So starter is bad:( But got the carb cleaned and put back on. Fixed a few electrical issues, have lights so far. Dash seems dead:( Slow progress is still progress:)