Sometimes I like to write

Never seen, never heard. Empty from the inside. A soul is lost in the breeze. A man that never was. Dreams covered by the gray skies. A life that was never realized. Passion that burned, compassion that yearned. From the …

FYI, News Bulletin

#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx has split and created a professional branch 2nd Shot Photography. #woctxphotog is the main parent company and will always be there to bring you creative photography and art. While 2nd Shot Photography is going …

Be Bold

Boldness, is something you have agree that no matter who you are. You always stop and take notice when something is bold. Whether it is something of greatness or something else. We all take notice to boldness. So why is …

Man In Hell

Sometimes no matter how hard one tries, one is locked in a life of hell. The darkness surrounds you, and all your fears consume you. The pit of hell swallows you whole. Striving daily to stand tall, and to break …

Off Kilter

I have been feeling a bit off kilter lately so, I got creative as I had some fun capturing these dogs. If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts. Photographs taken using Olympus …

Random Thought 2016-07-27

Life, so much happens in the blink of an eye. Much of which one seeks answers too, but never finds. The life I seek, the life I live, and the reasons there of. At times confuse me. It matters not …

New Opportunities

I turned 38 this month, and I am seeking better opportunities. To be around like minded people and the chance to explore my, artistic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Abstract life is best lived in the now. Not delayed …

Photog Shoots Him Self In The Face.

  Today at 08:16:23 the creative visionary behind #woctxphotog had apparently had enough. After months of working hard on his vision and no public interest. Philip A. Swiderski Jr founder and photographer of #woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx readied …

Summer 2016 Plans

Summer 2016, is rapidly approaching us. This year #woctxphotog would like to create a summer photoacation with my son’s. Not sure yet what we will do or where we will go. But after being several years apart. We would love …

Another Day At The Park 2016-01-29

As my collections are growing, and evolving.  I feel from now on I will be doing short blog posts with new photos.

Today I was at Kaufman City Park, here is what I captured.

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts.

The photos you just viewed where taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the M.Zuiko 40-150mm 1:4-5,6 R lens.

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2016, is it the year?

#woctxphotog 2016, it is started and underway. For the past few day’s, I have been focused on what is stressing me out. Ignoring my passion. It is making me sick. So much in life I want and can do. Yet …

#woctxphotog Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx   A Christmas Wish: It has been years since I had a real Christmas. As well it has been years since I had the chance to do something for myself. After losing much of …


Creative Photography Service   Average Cost: If you where to hire a photographer for one year to cover all the normal life events. That your family has during the year you would on average spend $45,000.00 and that would not …


Alternative Photography #woctxphotog Alternative Photography: For most of my life I have enjoyed photography, and it is my passion. I shoot things that grab my interest. Using both my understanding of light and space. The way I capture the subject, …


News2Coffee – Imagine

Imagine a location that has a familiar feel, welcoming yet exciting. With coffee at the ready, music at a level you can enjoy but still think or talk. The space is warm and in inviting yet separated enough for personal …


#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx Philip A. Swiderski Jr, Creative Visionary [email protected]   Developing a vision, is a creative process that often takes time, dedication and hard work. Often the hours spent building ones vision is hard for …

The Perfect Set


On March 22nd I will turn 37 years old. As to how that happened, that is a mystery. Advance to the point where life is today. Photography is my passion, and fitting that passion. The gift I wish I could have this year. Would be the “Perfect Set” a collection of the best Olympus has to offer.

The camera, the body all others inspire to be the OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Then for the perfect collection of lens we would start with the M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8 a great lens for creating the perfect portraits we all love. Next would be M.Zuiko ED 12-40mm f2.8 Pro the perfect lens for day trips and creative street photography. Following that would be the M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 for all the fun and creative ideas that we love to create to capture. Then to finish up the line up, no set is complete with out the ability to get a little closer and the M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lends it’s self to reaching out to bring your imagination in to focus.

Yep the perfect set, the one gift I would love to have for my birthday this year. Truth be told, it would be the first gift for a birthday since I was 8 years old. Well if you enjoy my work and would like to help me shine. Click the link below and check out my wish list. Or you can simply donate right here, and when I get enough I will obtain the perfect set.

 The Complete Wish List, Should #GetOlympus want to support my work and dream. Or you too can view, share and support

Photo below, was just a simple shot taken with my current E-PL1.



Currently I am living on disability while working hard at building a life around photography.  Which is why I am making this post, I am hoping to reach out to you.  My friends and followers, to help me both maintain my current course as well as move into the future of my life.  Not able to generate the funding on my own, and with gear that will not allow me to generate work that pays.  I am seeking your help to obtain the perfect set.  May be you can donate the full amount, or just a little.  All your kind support is most welcome.  My target goal, is $5500.00 to insure enough for tax, shipping and extras. 

Thank you for your support and love:)

You can donate here

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Expressive growth through photography

Expressive growth through photography, is a gift of sight to those that have limited inner vision.As an artist one can only see the world in a creative and often subjective way. One that most others do not see nor understand. …

Get Hooked





Get Hooked, is the theme of our project. What does get hooked mean? Well in today’s world we connect with each other in so many ways. Most of which involve our social media apps.
#woctxphotog, has a plan of getting hooked with people and community. In the most creative way possible. By getting out and capturing people doing, what they do in their daily lives. Along with capturing all the sights along the way.
We have plans on traveling the south west region of this great country. How? Well after much consideration what would be more fun and creative than by bus? That’s right we are going to be hooking up to some of Americas great bus lines, and traveling the small towns via bus. Getting to know those that ride the bus, get their stories and photograph everything along the way.
Of course projects always come with a price, and we need to raise the funds to hit the road. Or goal for this project is $35,000.00 and we plan on being on the road for 3 months. So tell your friends, and join us after all what better way to start the year than by Getting Hooked by creativity. There will be daily blog postings, and e-mail that will keep you up to date on our trip. But wait there’s more.
Supporter $25.00 donation, you will receive a calendar for 2016 with images of where our trip takes us. Rider $50.00 donation, you will receive a calendar for 2016, and a 8″*10″ of one our best shots. Explorer $100.00 donation, you will receive a calendar for 2016, and a 8″*10″ of one our limited wont be sold best shots. So Get Hooked and use the paypal button below today.

Get Hooked

Philip A Swiderski Jr
Creative Visionary,
#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx

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So your new to Photography – 1

Photography is a great way to express yourself, share the world as you see it and fill your time creatively.  I am just going to quickly share some tools to process your images.  First if your using a camera that …

Intro To Photography

#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx Is Offering For A Limited Time Intro To Photography The new year is upon us, and you have finally gotten that camera you always wanted. The problem is you really do not know how …


“Hands” There are many pairs, singles, halves and mangled. Hands, that create, hands that heal, hands that play, hands that take. Hands that help, and hands that wave. Holding hands, says so very much. Weather your holding the one’s you love, a friend in need or your own. Hands strong enough to break, smash and crush, have two sides. Hands can be soft and loving, pull someone to safety. Greatness comes from hands battered from years of use and experience. These are my hands, toughened from years of hard work, moments of tender care,
creative times and destructive times.


Time it changes life, it moves forward it runs out. Never standing still, never allowing a moment to savor. As time moves us forward, we try to hold on to what we have. Fearing the change that is about to come. At times excited for the experiences we are about to have. My life has left me wishing for more time, while wishing time could just stand still.

36 years, 3 states, 12 cities countless people. Time has blessed and cursed me. More times than not leaving me crying that I am lost or about to lose. So very grateful for the good, holding onto it till my time is up.

I yearn for acceptance, understanding, and a permanent place in time. Losing yet again to a clock that is ticking by. Life is going going and taking me from my safety. Facing the change, alone facing the change with no direction. Knowing that time keeps moving.

For one moment I yearn to stand still. To have peace and forever. To experience love that time can not take away.


Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx©
United States of America
Phone: +1-469-247-7097
Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx
[email protected]

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Papa’s Truck



The project is a 1972 Ford F350,
To bring it to life, fulfilling a life goal as well as to provide many opportunities to come.


It started way back when I was a freshman in high school. My parents just got divorced, and I ended up living with my Nana & Papa for a semester. Grateful because many years went by with out seeing them. I got to know and love them very deeply in a short period of time. My papa, became very close to me. A man of few words, but big on positive love. Encouraging me to not only do my very best everyday. But to live my life how I wanted to live. That it was ok to stand out from the crowd and go against the norms. If that is what I wanted to do. Knowing I was creative and liked old trucks. We made plans to find an old ford and get it back together by the time I could start driving. We would spend hours looking through news papers and car and truck sales. Even went to see a few. We would discuss every detail. I had the idea that if I could find the right truck, and as long as the body was sound. I wanted to clear coat it, leaving all the visual rust and bumps as well as bruises. My papa, laughed but said he loved my idea. That we would do just that. Making an old truck run and safe as new while maintaining the timeless experiences that truck had gone through. Sadly, Papa passed a way before we ever found a truck. I am now 36 and have stumbled upon that very truck that fits what me and papa had always talked about. I have gone out on a leap of faith and obtained that truck. A 1972 F350, a beautiful beast of a truck. Issues it has a few, and running it is not yet. My plans are to keep it as close to original as possible and finish it just the way papa and I planed.


I am writing to you in hopes to gain your support to bring this project to life. Currently I am 36 years old, living on SSDI/Disability. Looking for more in life, and for a way to use my talents and passion to build a life for my self. However I am with out transportation, funding to obtain the tools I need to create a life around my passion. Which is photography, when behind the lens I find the release I need to be part of a normal society. I feel I have the talent to create some amazing pieces of photographic art. Limited however at this time. Putting this truck together will enable me to get out there and pursue my dreams as well as finish something that was started long ago. Currently the truck needs the following in order to be running and road worthy.

1. Starter
2. Fuse Block
3. Battery
4. Seat
5. Steering Wheel
6. All the Lights
7. New tires and wheels all 6, its a dually
8. All the brakes, whole break system
9. Mud Flaps
10. Radio
11. Dash Cover
12. Radiator

As well as the motor, transmission and rear end. Which at this time I am not sure the condition until I can get it started.


Completion of this truck will enable me to get out several times a month seeking out opportunities to create my photographic art. As well as allowing me to hopefully generate income slowly. Building up my portfolio and eventually allowing me to be removed from disability. It is very important to me to be able to get my freedom and provide for my self. As I would love to do this project 100% on my own. I can not I live off of $1000.00 a month. Which currently barley cover rent, bills and food. I am not looking for a hand out. I am seeking those that are interested in investing in a man’s future. Giving him a hand up, to achieve the goals that will enable him to be self reliant and a contributing member of society.


In closing, from the research I have done so far. Too get the truck on the road. I am looking at $15,000.00 Yes this is an old truck, but it will be worth me having. As I am very capable of working on it and keeping it on the road. Doing the work myself I will know the limits, and life I will have from it. All so if possible to raise $50,000.00 would allow me to as well. Obtain several pieces of much needed equipment and allow me to operate for 2 years. Giving myself time to build a collection of works. I sincerely look forward to your assistance in my professional and personal expansion.















Sincerely yours,

Philip A. Swiderski Jr


Supply List Links

“Tires and Tubes”



Thank You



Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx©

United States of America

Phone: +1-469-247-7097

Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx

[email protected]

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Ignite Creativity


Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx©


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of a struggling artist. A 36 year old man that struggles with Bi-Polar, and other mental disorders. After being on his own since the age of 14 more or less. Working hard always taking great pride in what he did. Was forced out of the work force around the age of 25-26 for various reasons. After taking a year or two to try and adjust, regroup and move on with life. I was directed by my doctors and legal counsel to seek SSDI disability. As life had proven to much to maintain a normal life. After a few years, I have pursued my passion in life. Photography. More that just an art from, for me it is therapy. I have been searching and working very hard at building a life around it. Only to find, I have no resources to do so. No programs to help someone like me to venture into owing my own business that will allow me to provide for myself. As well allow me to work on my own schedule. I am desperately seeking help to obtain start up and working capital. With little to no friends, and no family. I have no one to reach out to, as well my social media accounts, do not have enough followers to get my work out.

Well you think about that, how about you Ignite my passion to burn a lifetime. Yes I am serious. You see, I have a burning desire to succeed in life. At 36 years old, I have come to the understanding or more so the acceptance that I have mad mistakes in my own life. Many of which will follow me till the end of time. Others already have passed. All have and will continue to teach me lessons, that will enable me to grow as a person.

If you have every visited my site before welcome back, if this is your first time. Check it all out. Yep its a little messy, lots of reading and creativity everywhere.

The base’s of my site is to display my talent, my thoughts and my dreams. However there is so much more than just that. As you read through my blog, and check out my work. One thing is certain, I will continue to grow. I will continue to pursue my goals and dreams.

It may happen today, or it may take a lifetime. But it will happen. What will happen? My work and vision will be shared with the world. You see so many people today are labelled as disabled. But what does that really mean any more? In a point in time when it is common practice to sit idle waiting for someone else to provide. I stand alone. I stand tall. I will provide for my self. Currently I am on disability. Not crazy about it. First it does not afford any kind of life, second it only enforces the negative in life. Instead we should be highlighting the positive.

For me my talent, and passion for photography highlights what I can do. The interaction between people, life and the environment in which we live. Honestly, with out my lens in front of me, I am terrible to be around. My camera opens up the world for me, allows me to be myself. It gives me pride and accomplishment when I am able to capture and create a master piece.

As I could write for hours, I will keep this brief. I need your support, your support in order to actually get my footing. To be able to create a life and life style that will enable me to shed the label of disabled. To give me the chance to support my self. I have 3 goals, the first, $25,000.00 will cover the basics and get the ball rolling. The second is $150,000.00 which will cover all the legal, heavy gear, location, and the security to operate for 2 years to generate my own income. The third and final goal of $300,000.00 will allow me to expand, taking my vision to a whole new level. Providing me the resources to open a state of the art studio, in which I can employ, cater to and bring in talent and help foster someone else’s dreams. As all great ideas have so much more that go into them. The details are set, however I choose not to disclose them. As it has hindered my growth in past endeavours. So check me out, and click on that pesky little donate button and help Ignite my future today.

Thank You

Philip A Swiderski Jr

[email protected]


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Take A Seat

Imagination is the foundation of creativity. Passion is the result of creativity. Creativity brings life to the unknown. As interesting as the ordinary is. We live to be extraordinary, in both our daily lives and in everything we do.

Finding your passion, is as easy as using your imagination. The question is will you be creative and bring out the extraordinary in your ordinary life?

It starts here, sit down sit with a friend. Discuss what makes you excited. Create a way to make it a reality.

Check out the rest of my site, you will see how I have taken my passion and creativity. Turning my imagination into reality. Taking the way I see and enjoy life, translating it into a way for all to enjoy.

Will you join me, sit down with me and lets discuss how we can create a life out of my passion?



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Daryl’s Story

Daryl,  a simple man sitting in front of an old building.  More or less begging for change.  Being polite as he can.  After a while we talked for about an hour.  All the time asking people as they go by for change.  Most smile and keep walking a few reluctantly give the rest rudely ignoring he is there.   Finding out that the man has been homeless for about a year.  Losing his job, due to drunk driving.  Regretful of his short comings, Daryl is lost in depression not sure of his future.  Working as he can doing odd jobs and day labor.  He still has many days of no income or food.  Looking at him, you would never know he is hungry.  Greatful for the time someone spends talking and treating him as a human.  I find out he was a forklift operator.  Well between losing his job due to poor choices and living with the actions that followed.  Daryl has begun to lose hope life will ever return to normal.  The man has ideas that actually do not cost very much to get him self working and eventually off the streets.  Sadly he has no clue where to go to find the help he much needs to have a second chance in life.  Now dont misunderstand me, he messed up his own life.  But why time after time are we taught to treat those with less as less than human?  For let he without fault cast the first stone.  I find it appalling that when a man stumbles and falls. Then truly seeks help to recover.  He is cast out to fend entirely on his own.  Yes if I fuck up my life, I should pay for  it and have to work to rebuild my life.  But there could be help that actually helps and rewards for strong effort towards redemption.  Everytime I go into a city, I find many people just like Daryl.  How many of us walk or drive by these people everyday?  Doing nothing at all.  Sure some give some spare change or even may offer a meal to.  My question is why?  Why when we could be talking to them and getting to know them.  Many people I run into want to rebuild their lives.  But have no clue where to start.  As there are lots of services out there.  Sadly there is no “OutReach”  going out and actually plucking these brothers and sisters of ours off the street.  Teaching, encouraging and working along with them to rebuild their lives.  No instead we walk by and ignore them.  Do yourself a favor the next time your out for the day.  Weather your in your own home town or out visiting.  Ask one of those people asking for money.  To show you around town, they are full of wonderful tidbits and info on their streets.  Afterwards offer to buy them a meal and give them $25.00 for their time and help.  By doing that first you get to have a knowledgeable person showing you around town.  Second you are showing them that you respect them as a human.  Third you gave them a job and a reason for being there that day.  Forth you just opened the door for that person to enable their own future.  Turning them into Travelpenures.  This is Daryl’s story and remember to say hi, and ask him to show you the town.  I am sure he’d be happy too.



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Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man.

Sitting alone in the dark, a rainy Texas night in October. Reflecting upon the day spent wandering Dallas. Looking for something, yet finding nothing. Pointing my camera around in hopes to capture something extraordinary. Left feeling creative with out cause. The rain hiding my tears of pain. The pain of my life and that life has brought to me. Seeking refuge in nooks, for a moment to refocus my eyes. Dodging cars, poodles and people. Wondering what am I doing, I came here to shoot. My camera protected as an infant child. Searching for the passion that brought me here in the rain. Reaching deep within myself, to not succeed but simply achieve one image that reflects my mood. One image that speaks on it’s own behalf. Only a few hundred photos taken today, far less than my normal. It was not the rain, not the pain no something was just off today. Lost seeking something to set me on top for just today. Hope all but fleeing me, then around the corner. I hear in a calm quite voice. “Man can you spare a smoke?” Funny, my bad habit brought me to my subject of the day. Standing in the pouring rain, battered by life. Forgotten by society, this man. This man asks again, if I could spare a smoke. I offer him two. I ask if I could talk for a moment about why he’s there. He says no. The man gazes upon my camera, asks are you a photographer? I say yes, and no. I asked, can I take your photograph? He stands against the wall, almost as if to pose for a mug shot. I began to back up, he said that’s enough. Take the photo. I did, we shook hands and thanked one another for the exchange. No names, no stories. Just simple, yet both tired and wet. Discarded by life we met by chance. Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man. JustAMan1

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