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Never seen, never heard. Empty from the inside. A soul is lost in the breeze. A man that never was. Dreams covered by the gray skies. A life that was never realized. Passion that burned, compassion that yearned. From the …

Random Thought 2016-07-27

Life, so much happens in the blink of an eye. Much of which one seeks answers too, but never finds. The life I seek, the life I live, and the reasons there of. At times confuse me. It matters not …

New Opportunities

I turned 38 this month, and I am seeking better opportunities. To be around like minded people and the chance to explore my, artistic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Abstract life is best lived in the now. Not delayed …

Creative Photography Service   Average Cost: If you where to hire a photographer for one year to cover all the normal life events. That your family has during the year you would on average spend $45,000.00 and that would not …


Alternative Photography #woctxphotog Alternative Photography: For most of my life I have enjoyed photography, and it is my passion. I shoot things that grab my interest. Using both my understanding of light and space. The way I capture the subject, …


So your new to Photography – 1

Photography is a great way to express yourself, share the world as you see it and fill your time creatively.  I am just going to quickly share some tools to process your images.  First if your using a camera that …

Intro To Photography

#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx Is Offering For A Limited Time Intro To Photography The new year is upon us, and you have finally gotten that camera you always wanted. The problem is you really do not know how …


“Hands” There are many pairs, singles, halves and mangled. Hands, that create, hands that heal, hands that play, hands that take. Hands that help, and hands that wave. Holding hands, says so very much. Weather your holding the one’s you love, a friend in need or your own. Hands strong enough to break, smash and crush, have two sides. Hands can be soft and loving, pull someone to safety. Greatness comes from hands battered from years of use and experience. These are my hands, toughened from years of hard work, moments of tender care,
creative times and destructive times.


Time it changes life, it moves forward it runs out. Never standing still, never allowing a moment to savor. As time moves us forward, we try to hold on to what we have. Fearing the change that is about to come. At times excited for the experiences we are about to have. My life has left me wishing for more time, while wishing time could just stand still.

36 years, 3 states, 12 cities countless people. Time has blessed and cursed me. More times than not leaving me crying that I am lost or about to lose. So very grateful for the good, holding onto it till my time is up.

I yearn for acceptance, understanding, and a permanent place in time. Losing yet again to a clock that is ticking by. Life is going going and taking me from my safety. Facing the change, alone facing the change with no direction. Knowing that time keeps moving.

For one moment I yearn to stand still. To have peace and forever. To experience love that time can not take away.


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Take A Seat

Imagination is the foundation of creativity. Passion is the result of creativity. Creativity brings life to the unknown. As interesting as the ordinary is. We live to be extraordinary, in both our daily lives and in everything we do.

Finding your passion, is as easy as using your imagination. The question is will you be creative and bring out the extraordinary in your ordinary life?

It starts here, sit down sit with a friend. Discuss what makes you excited. Create a way to make it a reality.

Check out the rest of my site, you will see how I have taken my passion and creativity. Turning my imagination into reality. Taking the way I see and enjoy life, translating it into a way for all to enjoy.

Will you join me, sit down with me and lets discuss how we can create a life out of my passion?



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Daryl’s Story

Daryl,  a simple man sitting in front of an old building.  More or less begging for change.  Being polite as he can.  After a while we talked for about an hour.  All the time asking people as they go by for change.  Most smile and keep walking a few reluctantly give the rest rudely ignoring he is there.   Finding out that the man has been homeless for about a year.  Losing his job, due to drunk driving.  Regretful of his short comings, Daryl is lost in depression not sure of his future.  Working as he can doing odd jobs and day labor.  He still has many days of no income or food.  Looking at him, you would never know he is hungry.  Greatful for the time someone spends talking and treating him as a human.  I find out he was a forklift operator.  Well between losing his job due to poor choices and living with the actions that followed.  Daryl has begun to lose hope life will ever return to normal.  The man has ideas that actually do not cost very much to get him self working and eventually off the streets.  Sadly he has no clue where to go to find the help he much needs to have a second chance in life.  Now dont misunderstand me, he messed up his own life.  But why time after time are we taught to treat those with less as less than human?  For let he without fault cast the first stone.  I find it appalling that when a man stumbles and falls. Then truly seeks help to recover.  He is cast out to fend entirely on his own.  Yes if I fuck up my life, I should pay for  it and have to work to rebuild my life.  But there could be help that actually helps and rewards for strong effort towards redemption.  Everytime I go into a city, I find many people just like Daryl.  How many of us walk or drive by these people everyday?  Doing nothing at all.  Sure some give some spare change or even may offer a meal to.  My question is why?  Why when we could be talking to them and getting to know them.  Many people I run into want to rebuild their lives.  But have no clue where to start.  As there are lots of services out there.  Sadly there is no “OutReach”  going out and actually plucking these brothers and sisters of ours off the street.  Teaching, encouraging and working along with them to rebuild their lives.  No instead we walk by and ignore them.  Do yourself a favor the next time your out for the day.  Weather your in your own home town or out visiting.  Ask one of those people asking for money.  To show you around town, they are full of wonderful tidbits and info on their streets.  Afterwards offer to buy them a meal and give them $25.00 for their time and help.  By doing that first you get to have a knowledgeable person showing you around town.  Second you are showing them that you respect them as a human.  Third you gave them a job and a reason for being there that day.  Forth you just opened the door for that person to enable their own future.  Turning them into Travelpenures.  This is Daryl’s story and remember to say hi, and ask him to show you the town.  I am sure he’d be happy too.



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Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man.

Sitting alone in the dark, a rainy Texas night in October. Reflecting upon the day spent wandering Dallas. Looking for something, yet finding nothing. Pointing my camera around in hopes to capture something extraordinary. Left feeling creative with out cause. The rain hiding my tears of pain. The pain of my life and that life has brought to me. Seeking refuge in nooks, for a moment to refocus my eyes. Dodging cars, poodles and people. Wondering what am I doing, I came here to shoot. My camera protected as an infant child. Searching for the passion that brought me here in the rain. Reaching deep within myself, to not succeed but simply achieve one image that reflects my mood. One image that speaks on it’s own behalf. Only a few hundred photos taken today, far less than my normal. It was not the rain, not the pain no something was just off today. Lost seeking something to set me on top for just today. Hope all but fleeing me, then around the corner. I hear in a calm quite voice. “Man can you spare a smoke?” Funny, my bad habit brought me to my subject of the day. Standing in the pouring rain, battered by life. Forgotten by society, this man. This man asks again, if I could spare a smoke. I offer him two. I ask if I could talk for a moment about why he’s there. He says no. The man gazes upon my camera, asks are you a photographer? I say yes, and no. I asked, can I take your photograph? He stands against the wall, almost as if to pose for a mug shot. I began to back up, he said that’s enough. Take the photo. I did, we shook hands and thanked one another for the exchange. No names, no stories. Just simple, yet both tired and wet. Discarded by life we met by chance. Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man. JustAMan1

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