My First and Forever Home

#FF0000 Raised 25 $ towards the 125,000 $ target.

Hello I am Philip, a 38 year old male that is passionate about photography. As I am getting older, I am wanting to own my own home. But I am on disability. That means no real chance of saving up money to do anything. Why own? Simple to say it is mine. To feel safe and secure. As well as have a place that I build my photography brand. To be able to have the chance to generate my own income and get off of disability. Owning my own home, will allow me security in where I live and work. As well allow me to build a business that will let me pay my bills and be self sufficient. I have been on my own since I was a teenager and have had a rather rough life. As I do not have anyone in my life. Finding the support one needs to live is hard. I am tired of relying on the system, and tired of not having a stable environment. Helping me raise this goal will be enabling me to build a solid future.
Owning your own home is more than just owning property and a building in which one lives. Owning your own home gives you security and the sense of pride that you have something. The money I am raising will not buy a house. It will allow me to buy the perfect property, upon which I will build the perfect home and studio for my life. It will be where I sleep at night, and where I will work and be creative everyday. This home will be both my personal escape as well as my foundation to my self sustaining future. Supporting this and helping me raise the capital needed to achieve. Will not only help me today, but allow me to help others tomorrow.
I am going to share a section of My Vision, to maybe inspire you. As well as give more direction as to where I am striving to be. As this is part of my grand vision, starting here and obtaining my own home. Will allow me the latitude to develop and expose my vision in a way that will promote healthy growth forward.
” My vision is to obtain a space large enough to have a coffee shop open to the public. While having the space to not only display art, but create art. The space will be open to all that have a true desire to be productive in life. Regardless of social status. We would like to have room for showers, as a clean body leads to a great start. Nothing makes a person feel better about themselves than a sense of being clean. We will have both private workspaces and wide open creative spaces. It will provide those that want to teach, and learn. As well as the opportunity to those that simply can not afford to. The coffee shop will provide the income to hopefully cover the space. As all creative people will be welcome. We will have payed members as well as free members. The paid members will finance the materials and equipment for the free members.”


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  • Did you know growing up I always liked to help others. That has never changed for me. My vision not only will enable my life to move in a positive direction. It will enable me to help others to do the same with their lives. One of my current ways to help others is in development. In short, I will be offering my photography services to those that maybe otherwise could not afford it. Having my own space will enable me to bring in those that are going through hard times and give them the photographic experience that will help them envision their own hopes and dreams.

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